Are You Frustrated? Cool. Me, Too.

its-been-lovely-but-i-have-to-scream-now-quote-1I seriously feel like Regina George after she discovers that Cady is sabotaging her “hot physique”. Frustration sucks because you’re probably pissed, too.  I know I want to go on Regina’s rampage – I want to scream and break something.

That probably wouldn’t be the best idea though. So let’s see if we can become less frustrated, together.

  1. Okay maybe screaming might help. You gotta let your emotions out; keeping them in is like putting a lid on a boiling pot of water ready to blow. The water seeps out and then finally explodes. We don’t want that. So, maybe try screaming into a pillow.
  2. Now take a deep breath. With that out of our system, we now need to relax. Try taking a few deep breaths. Inhale as deeply as you can, hold it for a count of four and then exhale. Hold it again and then repeat.
  3. Assess what is making you frustrated. Is it something in your control? Is it something you can change? Try assessing the situation from different angles and see what you can work with. Also think about what is going right (or well) in your situation.
  4. Talk with someone about it. If you have a friend you’re comfortable sharing stuff with, talk to them about it. They probably can’t give you advice, but sometimes we just need to let it out (a la #1) and have someone listen to us. I typically turn to my best friend on this one.
  5. Don’t lose sight of your desired outcome. This one is a toughie – at least for me. I want to know the ‘why’. Why isn’t this working? Why did I get this response and not the one I wanted? Why isn’t this going my way? Why isn’t this smooth sailing? Etc. As you can see, the list goes on. It’s important to remember the outcome you actually want and to keep working for it (if you can). Try not to get caught up in the ‘why’s of something.
  6. But remember to not live in the future. Another toughie for me – I constantly live in the future. I don’t know how not to. But it’s important to live in the here and now. This is where the most change can happen. Here and now is the journey – the future is the destination.
  7. Stay positive. Seriously think about what is going right (or well) in your situation. Try and look for silver linings. Maybe it’s not as bad as you initially thought it was. If you need a break, take one. It’s ok to step away and just, breathe. Just relax. Do something that puts your mind in a content place. It’ll help in the long run as a positive mind is an open mind.


There. How was that? Did any of these help? Is it an ongoing process? I know it’s ongoing for me. If only frustration could diminish at the snap of your fingers. But, you’ll get there.


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